Tarriona “Tank” Ball

Tarriona "Tank" Ball, Lead Poet / Vocalist, Tank And The Bangas

Lead Poet / Vocalist, Tank and the Bangas. Frame by italee. Photo by Zack Smith Photography.

In the same way a Tank and the Bangas song will drift seamlessly from introspective spoken word to soaring harmonies and immersive grooves, a conversation with Tarriona “Tank” Ball, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, is dynamic. There’s a rhythm and musicality to the way she talks, the kind you would expect from someone with with her award-winning experience on the local and national slam poetry circuit. She’s never not captivating, even when disarmingly shy and soft-spoken.

But then her smile – which never really leaves her face, just grows bigger as she talks and listens – bursts out into soaring laughter and now everyone in the room is smiling and laughing. Tank tells a story, hums a song, and sings the praises of her family, her bandmates and the huge fanbase they have amassed in just a few short years together. Her radiant positivity and passionate determination make her very presence inspiring because it is impossible to not be inspired by someone so talented and gracious and true to herself.