Eye Exams

St. Charles Vision offers comprehensive eye exams to provide the best in vision correction and health screening for those in the New Orleans area. With six locations and convenient appointment schedules, our team of optometrists combines state-of-the-art techniques with compassionate care to meet the needs of patients and their families.


Image Of Auto Phoropter For Eye Doctor, New Orleans - St. Charles Vision


The St. Charles Vision Eye Exam


The experienced optometrists at St. Charles Vision utilize the latest in high-definition diagnostic equipment for every eye exam. During your eye exam visit, our staff will perform an array of tests and procedures to ascertain your vision as well as the overall health of your eyes. All eye exams include a visual acuity test, which measures the sharpness of your vision using eye charts. Color blindness tests are also given to detect hereditary color vision deficiencies. Cover, ocular motility, and stereopsis tests are used to check visual alignment, eye movement, and depth perception. Autorefractors are used to estimate eyeglass prescriptions while slit lamp exams and retinal imagers help our optometrists see the inner structures of the eye clearly to check for abnormalities.


Digital auto-refractors, lensometers, and widefield retinal imagers provide our doctors with the most accurate data with which to diagnose your health and vision needs. All this technology also means a more painless and non-invasive office visit for all patients, with less discomfort and dial flipping than every before.


Contact Lens Examinations


In order to fit you with the proper contact lenses, we must gather information above and beyond what we learn from routine eye exams. This includes special tests such as corneal topography, tear film evaluation and wavefront measurements to determine the exact curvature of the front of your eye and see if you have any eye health issues that need to be considered during the contact lens fitting. Every doctor at St. Charles Vision is a contact lens specialist, trained to find the right lens for even the most difficult-to-fit contact lens wearer. We conduct the most in-depth contact lens examinations and evaluations and in the industry, and we have experience working with the most technologically advanced contact lens products on the market.


Medical and Urgent Care


At St. Charles Vision, our doctors of optometry are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of common eye diseases and disorders including macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. An eye exam can also be key to the early detection of some chronic systemic diseases including hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. These diseases and many other can cause symptoms that affect eye health, and sometimes these symptoms show themselves in an eye exam years before a disorder can be easily detected by other routine health tests.


We also offer emergency appointments for eye injuries or infections. St. Charles Vision brings unmatched experience to eye care that is backed by excellent service, personalized care, and quality product offerings.