Routine eye care services are important for everyone, whether or not you need prescription glasses or contact lenses. At St. Charles Vision, our doctors of optometry are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of common eye diseases and disorders including macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. An eye exam can also be key to the early detection of some chronic systemic diseases including hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. These diseases and many other can cause symptoms that affect eye health, and sometimes these symptoms show themselves in an eye exam years before a disorder can be easily detected by other routine health tests.


Optometrists checking eyes for vision loss and prescription lenses on a iPad for a patient in New Orleans, LA


Routine Eye Care


During the St. Charles Vision eye exam, our experienced optometrists check your eyes for vision loss and the need for prescription lenses. The optometrist also looks for other problems within the eye that could lead to later loss of vision or chronic eye issues. In children, routine eye exams are particularly important because children often do not understand what normal vision should look like. Children are also at high risk for eye teaming, alignment, and focusing problems that can make schoolwork complicated if left undiagnosed.


Advanced age can also bring on problems with the eye that have never been a factor prior. This includes cataracts, which are currently known to affect at least half of all Americans aged 65 and over. With proper treatment and early detection, however, age-related quality of life issues are decreased, and the risk of permanent vision loss is reduced.


Urgent Eye Care Services


St. Charles Vision offers urgent eye care for patients experiencing an optometry emergency. This can include eye infections, corneal scratches, dry eye, pink eye, and red eye treatment. We offer these services in addition to regular, routine vision care, to provide immediate relief for those who are suffering from an eye injury or infection.


With six locations to serve the entire greater New Orleans area, our staff of board-certified optometrists is always available to serve you. You can call to schedule a visit. St. Charles Vision makes regular eye care and exams convenient to ensure proper health for the eye and the entire body.