Occasional Contact Lens Wearer? Try Single-Use Lenses

Single-Use Lenses

Daily Disposable, Single-Use Lenses May Be A More Convenient and Economical Choice

We’ve said it before: There are simply no contact lenses better for the overall health of your eye than daily disposable, single-use lenses. Day-in and day-out they are the safest, most comfortable and most convenient choice. But what if you don’t wear contact lenses everyday?

Daily disposable lens also happen to be an excellent choice for those who only occasionally wear contact lenses. Let’s say you’ve got a pair of “monthly” lenses but only use them one or twice a week when you play contact sports or want to change up your look. While you may reason that you can still get 30 total uses even at your infrequent wearing schedule, it unfortunately does not work that way. The material, coatings and treatment of a contact lens begin to break down as soon as the lens package is opened, so contact lenses should be replaced on-time even if you only put them in your eye a few times during the approved life-span.

Now that new designs for patients with multifocal needs and astigmatisms are hitting the market, it’s increasingly likely that there are single-use lenses that are right for everyone. So whether you prefer contact lenses for your weekly softball game, a short trip to the beach or an evening out on the town, daily disposable lenses are not only safer and more convenient, but may also offer a better value. This is especially the case when you factor in the time and money you save by skipping the hassles of solutions and storage. Instead of only getting a few uses out of a lens manufactured (and priced) to be used for thirty consecutive days, it may be more economical to purchase the single use lenses that better suite your lifestyle.