Meet the Optos

Optos WIdefield Retina Imager

The Optos Ultra-Widefield Digital Retinal Imager

Of all the high-tech diagnostic equipment we have in each of our offices, the piece that consistently impresses and excites our patients most is the Optos Ultra-Widefield Digital Retinal Imager. After a procedure that’s essentially the same as posing for a picture, the Optos delivers a 200 degree view of the back of the eye in a manner of seconds, providing an interactive map of a patient’s retina in excellent detail and context. Best of all, it does not require dilation (or the visually impaired downtime that goes along with it).


What Is The Retina?

Your eye’s retina is a light-sensitive layer of tissue connected to the optic nerve. It’s the lining of the eye that “catches” light from the outside world and converts it into the chemical and electrical signals that your brain uses to figure out what, exactly, you are looking at. The layers of rods, cones, nerves and synapses in the retina are actually considered brain tissue, and the retina does a huge amount of image processing and encoding before sending the important information down the line. The retina is also home to a complex network of blood vessels, the pattern of which is as unique in each person as a fingerprint and, absent ocular disease or disorder, stays the same from birth until death.


An Interactive Experience

Suffice it to say, your retina is very important. And due to the translucence of the rest of the eye, it is the only part of the central nervous system or circulatory system that can be non-invasively examined by a healthcare professional. While the Optos is not the only instrument that can examine the retina, the high-contrast, panoramic view of the eye it captures is an invaluable diagnostic tool for patients of all ages. The Optos can help with the early detection of a host of systemic diseases that show their first symptoms in the eye. Plus, unlike other instruments that return abstract and complicated readings, reviewing Optos results is an interactive experience that gives patients an unprecedented look into their own health.