Ann Tuennerman

Founder, Tales of the Cocktail

Ann Tuennerman is the creator and founder of Tales of the Cocktail, the world’s premier cocktail festival. Now in its tenth year, Tales of the Cocktail has become an international event that celebrates the dining and drinking culture of the city of New Orleans. While never officially taking on the role of a mixologist or a bartender, Ann has embraced the culture of the city by creating an event that brings visitors, dollars and publicity to the city.

Tales of the Cocktail was born out of another creative idea – a walking tour of bars and restaurants to showcase the city’s famous cocktails, historic restaurants indigenous spirits. To celebrate the anniversary of the walking tour, Ann created Tales of the Cocktail. The event has grown organically through participants’ feedback from two events to more than 200 events over five days and provides a $12 million boost to the city. In addition, Ann has taken the culture and cocktails of New Orleans international by bringing the Tales of The Cocktail to Vancouver and beyond.

While being inspired by the positive economic and tourism impacts that Tales makes in the city, Ann is proud of the opportunity to mentor and educate a future generation of mixologists. It is through a Cocktail Apprentice Program that she is able to make a positive impact on the future of the cocktail industry and keep the art and science of mixology alive nationally.

Ann is optimistic about the growth and prosperity of the City of New Orleans and Tales of the Cocktail. She wants more people to discover New Orleans and understand what is so special about the place she calls home. And while she is working hard to promote the city she loves, she does still take time to experience the cocktails of the city. In fact, you just might find her enjoying a Sazarac, the drink she’s responsible for having named the Official Cocktail of the City of New Orleans.