Groundbreaking new materials, treatments and manufacturing processes have created a wide variety of innovative lens designs. We are a proud provider of Essilor ophthalmic lenses, from the world leader in precision optics. Our highly trained staff will help you choose the options that best fit your vision correction needs and lifestyle.


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Choosing the Right Lenses


While the frame can make a statement, the lenses serve the most important purpose in a pair of eyewear. Our doctors will go through a detailed eye exam with each patient to learn which type of lenses will best correct your vision. This could include options such as traditional or progressive lenses, or even bifocal and trifocal options. For those who play certain sports or work in specific occupations, lenses custom built to withstand impact may be needed. We also offer prescription glasses for occasional and specialized use, such as high-quality, high-fashion reading glasses and customized computer glasses.


The Latest Advances in Lens Technology


The latest anti-reflective, UV and scratch-resistant coatings can add style and function to your eyewear, including protection from the harmful blue light emitted from smartphones, tablets and other digital devices. Digitally surfaced lenses provide superior optics and make a wider selection of frame styles compatible with a broader range of prescriptions. New thinner, lighter high-index materials offer improved comfort and appearance without sacrificing durability or visual acuity.