The perfect pair of eyewear can protect your eyes, enhance your vision, and add style and sophistication to your wardrobe.  The experienced opticians at St. Charles Vision can meet the needs of all patients with our wide selection of styles and products.


Eyewear Choices!


Choosing The Right Frames


Face shape and complexion are important aspects to consider when trying on frames. Lifestyles may also contribute to the type of frame needed. Our staff will work with you to select options that are best suited to your needs while giving you the look you want.


Choosing the Right Lenses


While the frame can make a statement, the lenses serve the most important purpose in a pair of eyewear. Our doctors will go through a detailed eye exam with each patient to learn which type of lenses will best correct your vision. Groundbreaking new materials, treatments and manufacturing processes have created a wide variety of innovative lens designs.