Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses, for your health!

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are the Safest, Healthiest and Most Convenient Way To Wear Contact Lenses

We’ve all done it. Maybe you contaminated your lens case with tap water, or didn’t properly rinse your lenses before putting them in this morning. Maybe you’ve been sleeping in your lenses because you ran out of solution. Maybe you simply lost track of when you last changed your two-week lenses and have now unintentionally been wearing them for over a month. So your eyes are irritated, or your vision that just isn’t as sharp as you remember it being when you first broke out a new pair of lenses. Hopefully you haven’t given yourself a corneal abrasion or contracted an annoying case of conjunctivitis, which we see all too often as a result of non-compliance in contact lens wear.

Now, imagine if inconvenient and potentially hazardous concerns such as these never crossed your mind. That is the reality when you choose daily disposable contact lenses, also known as “one day” lenses. You put in a fresh new lens each morning, and throw it away each evening. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The perception is that this convenience comes at a price premium, and it is true that a similar course of daily disposable contact lenses will initially cost more than lenses with longer wear times. However, once you switch the savings quickly begin to add up. You save time and money because a fresh new lens every day means no more solutions, cases or multi step cleaning rituals. You save effort because single-use lenses literally have the easiest to remember wearing schedule.

But the biggest advantage of daily-use lenses (and the one that we as eye care professionals get most excited about) is the health benefits they offer. There are simply no contact lenses better for the overall health of your eye than single-use, daily disposable products. They eliminate almost all of the drawbacks, disadvantages and dangers of contact lens wear, which leads to less incidence of complications such as irritation and infection, which can potentially save you an extra trip to our office for treatment.

Now that new designs for patients with multifocal needs and astigmatisms are hitting the market, it’s increasingly likely that there’s a daily disposable lens that’s right for everyone. Ask about daily use lenses during your next visit.  We would be happy to fit you with a free trial set so you can experience the difference for yourself.