What CooperVision Biofinity Energys Contact Lenses Can Offer

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Medical technology has come a long way since contact lenses were first invented, so it makes no sense to continue using outdated technology. Many new advancements, such as those in CooperVision Biofinity Energys contact lenses, offer an updated contact lens experience built for comfort and adaptability in a digital world.

Aquaform Technology

Not all contact lenses are created equal. In fact, they’re not all made of the same material! Biofinity Energys lenses feature Aquaform Technology that uses silicone macromers to lock in hydration for extended periods of wear. The rounded edges of the lenses also help provide a comfortable and natural feeling. Each contact lens has a high oxygen transmissibility to let the eye breathe and prevent redness.

Digital Zone Optics

Biofinity Energys are also designed with Digital Zone Optics that are tailor-made for a world where looking at screens for hours a day is part of the norm. Human eyes were not designed to focus on bright, small sources for multiple hours a day, but Digital Zone Optics can ameliorate eyestrain in addition to providing clarity and sharpness for the wearer.

All-Day Wear

No matter how sensitive some are to contact lenses, Biofinity Energys are designed for comfortable all-day wear. Because most people spend long periods of the day switching between digital devices and offline activities, Biofinity Energys contact lenses were designed for just that. With Biofinity Energys, one can change focus from a bright, blue light-heavy digital devices to a common everyday task without incurring headaches or increased strain.

If you think Biofinity Energys contact lenses might be right for you, book an eye exam with St. Charles Vision to learn more about these unique features. We have six convenient locations in Greater New Orleans to serve you.