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Seeing the World through Your Baby’s Eyes

Like many animals, baby humans aren’t born with the vision we have as adults (in fact, vision declines with age). Babies learn over time how to focus their eyes, shift their gaze, and process visual information to understand the world around them. That’s why it’s so critical for parents and doctors to provide babies with… Read More

Why Is the Sky Blue?

It’s an age-old question and one that we’ve all asked at some point: why is the sky blue? To answer this, it’s first important to understand that the white light from the sun is a mixture of all the colors of the rainbow. Isaac Newton once famously used a prism to show the spectrum of… Read More

Brent Houzenga

As a visual artist, Brent Houzenga is inspired by everything. His tools are spray paint and stencils. He puts found images on found objects and vice versa. Read More

Tarriona “Tank” Ball

In the same way a Tank and the Bangas song will drift seamlessly from introspective spoken word to soaring harmonies and immersive grooves, a conversation with Tarriona Ball, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, is dynamic. There’s a rhythm and musicality to the way she talks. Read More

Lu Brow

For someone who provides the personalized service and hospitality that Lu Brow ‘s signature, “Bar Chef” – a handle bestowed upon her during her decade at Cafe Adelaide’s Swizzle Stick Bar – is a fitting title. Read More

T. Cole Newton

T. Cole Newton is a mixologist on the cutting edge of the modern craft cocktail movement, but his own place also offers cheap beers and excellent BBQ and comfortable couches and weekly trivia nights. Read More